Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Everyone deserves a rest and today's short run of only 97 km allowed time for much needed servicing of the century old Silver Ghosts that have been faithfully gliding over the Alps for almost two weeks. Cone clutches were lubed, lights were repaired and even goggles got the raw potato treatment, an old skier's trick to keep them from fogging up.

The Alpine Trial crossed the border into Croatia on Statehood Day but it was the reception awaiting everyone in Opatija that was the talk of the day. As the first motor cars made their way into the centre of Croatia's Riviera, they were greeted by welcoming banners across the main costal route through the city's centre.

As more Silver Ghosts arrived at the hotel stop, the street turned into a festival with crowds of people and Rolls-Royce cars bringing traffic to a halt with what resembled a festive fair. David Slinn, British Ambassador to Croatia and Deputy Mayor of Opatija, welcomed the participants before a police cavalcade escorted the cars to the neighbouring town, Moscenicka Draga, for a drinks reception. A thunder-storm and torrential downpour didn't deter the enthusiasm provided by locals who lined the roads out of the town en route to Cafe Hemmingway for a Croatian feast on the quay in Opatija. Background music was provided by traditional capella singers.